Motorola MB520 Kobe Mobile Phone on the way to AT&T

Motorola mobile manufacturing company announced Motorola MB520 Kobe Mobile phone coming soon. The Motorola MB520 Specs details are still not official announced by Moto.  Apparently, according to the prevailing information, Motorola MB520 Kobe Mobile Phone is heading towards AT&T mobile operators.

Motorolla leaked device Motorola MB520 Kobe blur pictures are present on net but there is no other information about MB520 Kobe is present at the moment. Even official name of the motorola device is not confirmed, instead of “Kobe”, “Diablo” code name is also used for MB520 moto mobile phone.

The Motorola Kobo phone comes with User MOTOBLUR interface and the phone runs on the Android OS platform.  Presently, the android phone will have OS Android 2.1 that will be updated to Android 2.2 later on.  At present, there are no further details available about the Kobe android motorola phone.