Microsoft Introduces its New Version of Internet Explorer

Microsoft Internet Explorer has completed its 10th successful year, but its foundation was laid much earlier. The first certified version of Internet Explorer was launched on August 24, 1995, and in its earliest years people had limited access to it, it was only used in offices, universities and research institutions.

Today, Microsoft has launched the new edition of its Web browser, Internet Explorer 9 (IE9), experts hope to find its speed better and more swift than that of its rivals, Chrome and Firefox . The aim of any web browser service is to keep its pace swift so that users may enjoy working on it to the maximum. This is exactly what the observers have predicted from Internet Explorer 9, that in terms of aesthetics, speed and functions, it would leave behind its competitors Firefox and Chrome.

To see how people react to there recent version, Microsoft made accessible to developers the keystones of Internet Explorer 9 in test modes, and in that process downloaded it 2.5 million times. The new version of Internet Explorer 9 helps you download images much faster and again beats the performance of its competitor, Chrome and Firefox. In other areas which it has paced further and left behind its opponents is its visual imagery, this was found out when the images of Explorer were purportedly leaked to the Internet through a page Microsoft Russian Group.

Hopefully this new version of Internet Explorer 9 would be more innovative and perceptive, and not just different in form but its functions will prove to be far better than its predecessor, Explorer 8.