Microsoft’s Bing deepens ties with Facebook

October 15, 2010 – 5:18 pm | by omer

Microsoft’s Bing search engine has started to demonstrate U.S users the sites and products their Facebook friends like. To dislodge the Google market, Microsoft is grouping with Facebook for four years.

It works more like an optional function that works when the cookies are stored on PC or when you log on to Facebook account.

Mark Zuckerberg confidently says that with time we will bring more features to Facebook.

Killer Feature?

This feature lets the third-party websites to set a like button on their pages, once clicked it will form a link with their profile hence the links would show up in a separate box beside the customary links. The firms demonstrated an illustration looking up for a restaurant that included eateries Facebook friends like, at the lunch.

Analyst, Charlene Li of the Altimeter Group writes that Bing is a refreshing ‘social search’ that I’ve been talking about for years which gives Google a hard time.

Google wants the Company to be more open and has demanded Facebook’s social graph as it understands that unless it controls social graph data, it will pass on to the customary algorithmic search based mainly on the information on the web page itself and scratch what social data can be. Bing is slowly increasing its market share as it stands on number third position after Yahoo and Google.

The 2007 deal between Microsoft and Facebook makes the feature more attractive which is that the software firm pays $240m for a 1.6% stake in the social network so that it gives “privileged access” to the social data.

Danny Sullivian the blogger says that data used by Bing is presently not a Killer feature. Moreover he believes Google should speed up the pressure so that the data should be easily accessible to them and others or even pay the other party to provide them with this service, like Google pays Twitter for its data.

As announced by the two firms about a feature which will let people to search Facebook users using Bing.

Facebook, social networking site which has come under criticism time and again strained there was no sharing of private data. Everyone is aware of these details, states Mr. Zuckerberg.

After two years of an attempt to takeover Microsoft, Yahoo is being targeted by private equity companies.


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