Skype 5 dials up Facebook integration

World’s most popular Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) service, Skype has officially made public Skype 5 for Windows. The incorporation of Facebook will expand your social world more than before. This service will enable Skype customers to communicate with Facebook friends and group of people from inside the Skype, this will allow users to call and send text messages to Facebook friends along with the services made available by social networking application facebook like posting comments and updates etc.

Skype 5 permits users to put up there Facebook status using a tool dubbed mood messages by   incorporating a news feed of any change in your status messages from Facebook friends who use Skype. Users who have connected their Facebook account to their Skype account are the only ones who can benefit from this feature, so the only people who can be called via Skype are those who have their number on Facebook.

Some ancient and not so popular features of Skype such as screen sharing, SMS, file sharing, and some other are being made accessible by Skype 5. A new search application by design transfers your links to the crest of results listings. According to Skype  this  new edition will offer better call conditions.

Skype is also increasing its group video calling service, which will allow atleast ten people to take part simultaneously in a video chat. This development is at present in beta mode but Skype is planning on introducing it as an add-on service. According to Skype more and more people now prefer making video calls over regular calls and this will soon become a custom.

Skype-to-Skype calls are free of charge, but you will be charged for making calls to landline and cell phone numbers. You can pay through Skype Credit which will charge you according to the duration and destination of call.

An edition of Skype 5 for Mac OS X will be available in the coming months, reported Skype.

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