WordPress is a fever with more and more people falling prey to it. With this most widely used web software, you can create a beautiful website or blog. WordPress is not only free but priceless at the same time. With over 25 million people using the WordPress, we bring you the latest development from around the corner to upgrade you blog; the two new WordPress plugins you simply cannot afford to miss.

If you own a WordPress blog, the power of plugins on your website is something you must be well aware of. With a plugin for almost every purpose, they can be your savior! If you are designing a new blog or redesigning an old one, using a copy of the old database or an amended database, with a new theme you may face complications like much slower speed. Don’t worry. WordPress has just the plugin to ensure your blog runs smoothly.

WORDPRESS THROTTLE helps recover the poor performance a migrated blog shows on going live, by deactivating non-essential plugins when server load is high, ensuring that your site and the server stay online. You can enable your throttle option by going to the Throttle admin page under Settings, while leaving the plugin activated. It even works out default values for you to apply to your blog.

Popular blogs that get more visitors might present speed issues when pages are opened. W3 TOTAL CACHE helps manages the caching of regularly used information on your website such as banner images, backgrounds, etc. With this plugin, your posts and pages can run up to five times faster. Either you have an old blog or you are up for making a new one, W3 total cache is something you must have installed.

But remember you ought to test any plugin first before installing it. It’s essential that you first check it out properly. Check the WordPress plugin compatibility with your version of WordPress here wordpress.org/extend/plugins. Always take a backup of your database before installing any new plugin as well. Or you can also run the new plugin on a test copy of your blog first to make sure it is compatible and non-problematic. You can download both of these plugins from wordpress.org or search from them in Plugins section of your blog.