Skype releases new version for Windows that includes Facebook

Skype introduced its latest version 5.0 which has the facility to make internet calls and send messages to one another directly. It also includes a Facebook tab which lets you click on the “like” button just like you would do on Facebook. Moreover, it also shows news feeds and has a button next to it which lets you call your Facebook users using Skype.

This Facebook-Skype partnership brings new standards to the world of communication. 40 percent of the 95 billion video calls were made Skype to Skype which gained attraction of an average of 124 million users within 3 months time.

Bringing a change, AOL has made public their latest version of City’s Best online guide in 25 metro areas which provides reviews and tips about food and entertainment.  Jon Brod, president of AOL’s local venture unit said, that AOL has ended their contract with Time Warner last year to grab a big amount of share in the local market. He further says that AOL has also recruited professional editors and freelancers for their entertainment feature and also for their video content that will conduct online polls for restaurants, sports bars, live music etc.