Skype 5 incorporates Facebook and other new features

Skype and Facebook made official there partnership a few days back after a series of buzz roaming around. Skype 5 has incorporated several other features other than sustaining Facebook. According to Skype this new version is updated and users will find it to be interesting and modernized!

Renewed and clearer interface is the first inclusion that you notice, which includes a Facebook label enabling you to view Facebook News Feed and Phone book. You can post messages, renew your status information and like or dislike other comments, also via Phone book you can surf through Facebook friends list and make calls or send text messages. Skype-to-Skype calls and messages are free of any charges but communicating with a non-Skype user entails a minute fee.

The calls broken up due to bad quality are connected first via the Automated Call Recovery feature that has been added in Skype 5. Group video calling is another added feature which is at present in a beta phase which can be tried for free. The feature is ideal for calls involving two or more users as it mechanically exchanges focus to the existing speaker in a video call. The call quality can be enhanced with the assistance of the The Quality Manager.

Both Facebook and Skype users will find the new features amalgamated as a result of the partnership pleasing. Skype 5 can be downloaded via Skype’s official website.