Apple iPhone seems to have an Apple app for almost everything. With over 250,000 applications available on the app store, you have over 250,000 ways to make your iPhone better. Beautiful!!!

Apple app store, offering so many options to its customers, beat Nokia Ovi app store clean bold in a recently conducted survey. With an astounding 84 percent of developers on Nokia’s Ovi app store, who also publish apps for other platforms, also thinks that Apple’s store is better. Open first named research firm carried out the survey that asked 104 Nokia developers for free and paid apps, about their choice of app store which they like. Developers feel that the quality approval process for Ovi store is very slow and is not consistent. Nokia must work hard on improving its Ovi app store.

Apple apps that come with your Apple iPhone4, iPhone 3G and 3Gs are just the beginning. You can browse the App Store to find hundreds of thousands of more app, all designed specifically for your Apple iPhone, which means there’s almost no limit to what your iPhone can do. Every app you download from the App Store makes your iPhone do even more. And with hundreds of thousands of apps to choose from, Apple app store mean a whole lot more. You can enter the App Store to shop for amazing apps in almost every category: games, lifestyle, social networking, and education, for starters. Many Apple apps are even free. If you’re just browsing, the App Store makes it easy. You can see what’s new in Featured, check out the Top 25, and flick through a few screenshots. You can find apps by doing a quick search, and then download them wherever you are and start using them right away. You can even purchase apps to send as gifts to friends and family.


  1. VLC is the best media player and if its not available on Apple Apps store then this is really a bad news for Apple users

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