Apple iPad 95% of all tablets sold

Apple iPad tablet have been a blast. There is no doubt about that. And now it has been officially confirmed that Apple iPads are the royalty of tablet market. Apple iPad has 95% of total tablet sales in the second last quarter of this year.

Data from technology analysts Strategy analytics says that total number of iPad sold in the third quarter of 2010 was 4.19 million out of a global total sales of 4.4 million. Google Android tablets, although cheap, had to face a fall from 2.9% to 2.3%. But the real battle of the tablet PCs is yet to begin with the release of Google Android powered Samsung Galaxy Tab that is expected to raise the sale of Android based tablets. Samsung Director said ‘the tablet wars are up and running,’ but he cautioned that Android devices ‘are trailing in Appleā€™s wake and they already have much ground to make up.’ Other tech-giants like HTC, LG and Motorola also reportedly have Android powered tablets in the pipeline. LG’s Optimus tablet is expected in the last quarter of this year, with other rumours also surfacing that Motorola’s tablet is also expected to make its debut soon.

HTC tablet has been pushed to 2011, reports say. BlackBerry is also entering the tablet race in 2011 with its PlayBook. Now the tablets wars are up and close. Tech-giants are making themselves ready to strike harder than the other one. Apple at this point leads the race by a big margin and has set the standards real high. Will any other brand be able to make it to the top? We are dying to know. Just keep watching for what`s about to come.

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