iOS 4.2 looks much better on iPhone 3G[Video]

When Apple launched iOS 4.1 in June the users who ever using older iOS devices found out that they can’t user most of the new features in it .But later users discovered that iOS 4.1 is completely unusable with iPhone 3G because of its low hardware specs and they were even not able to basic tasks not easily. Steve Jobs said that the update will fix the issues of performance with iPhone 3G but the iPhone 3G users have got no solution.

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Just a few days ago Apple had released the GM release of iOS 4.2 so the guys from TibB installed iOS 4.2 on their iPhone 3G to test its performance. And its results performance was much better then iOS 4.1 on iPhone 3GS as they mentioned:

iPhone 3G’s hardware isn’t as fast and it’s RAM is literally a quarter of iPhone 4’s but it did a decent job typing, scrolling, pinching, and zooming its way around iOS 4.2.

Well iOS 4.1 made life little bit hard for the iPhone 3G users but looks like with iOS 4.1 even the 3G guys would enjoy the latest iOS but still it would not have full features as in iPhone 4 or 3GS.You can checkout the video below to see the performance of iPhone 3GS with iOS 4.2 install GM release.