Facebook blocked and unblocked in Saudi Arab in the same day

Today there was a little confusing scenario for internet users in Saudi Arabia as in case of censorship Saudi Arabia blocked and unblocked access to Facebook within the same day. This morning Associated Press reported that Saudi Arabia’s Communications and Information Technology Commission has temporarily banned Facebook because of moral reasons.

Well the ban was so temporary that after

few hours this ban was lifted. No specific reasons are mentioned by the authorities for blocking and then unblocking Facebook. Currently there are about two million Facebook users in Saudi Arabia and we would love to listen to their say about this.

If you are from Pakistan or Bangladesh then you would remember that some ago Facebook was banned in these countries because of the it’s blasphemous content, you might remember which involved uploading the uploading the satirical cartoon images involved Muhammad (P.B.U.M) to a Facebook group called “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!” Depictions of Muhammad are explicitly forbidden in some Islamic texts. So, because of Facebook was banned in Pakistan and Bangladesh for some weeks.