Samsung GT-i9100 dual-core Mobile Phone

Samsung mobile is going to release Samsung GT-i9100 dual-core mobile phone in the market. GT-i9100 is also known as Galaxy 2 Samsung mobile phone.  Samsung has arrived with number of amazing and classic mobile phones in galaxy series like   Galaxy Europa i5500, Samsung P1000 Galaxy, and Samsung I9000 Galaxy S but GTi9100 is so technically advance because of its dual core cigarettes online

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Samsung GTi9100 technical review shows that the Galaxy 2 phone specification comes with a 1.6 GHz processor and the i9100 Galaxy s Smartphone specifications that the Samsung phone will be extremely advanced in the technology and its all because of dual-core highly speedy processor.

The phone is certainly the battery guzzler as Samsung Smartphone i9100 running the dual core processor underneath the hood. But not sure about the technology used by Samsung phone to be more energy efficient. On the other side, Samsung mobiles already introduce GT-i9000 Galaxy S mobile phone in the market and that might be the upgraded version of Galaxy S mobile phone, with Android's Gingerbread OS powering it also.