Facebook to launch New Email Service

Facebook social network site, during Web 2.0 summit is going to launch new  email service name as Fmail. In the start of this year Facebook talk about their web base email service that is developed under the name of Project –Titan. Largest social network website is going to offer email service to its more than 500 million users, in order to compete against the email service Giants that is Yahoo and Gmail.

Facebook has more than 500 million active users. By launching Fmail feature to the users of Facebook doesn’t mean that all of then will activate their Facebook email account. As most of them had already using email accounts but all together the Fa

cebook email service will come to compete with existing email services like Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail services.  At present, facebook users can only exchange messages together but present internal messaging service does not allow facebook users to exchange and send attachments together. Facebook has a biggest advantage to graft email onto its existing social services as it has large number of people data and information with them.

Facebook web base email service is expected to be incorporated and works with Microsoft web base version of office. Online read, edit and share documents option has already been added by Microsoft with its email client service called Hotmail online service. Therefore, web base office version option will be available to all Facebook Users at Docs.com. Introduction of Fmail, clearly shows Facebook‘s war with Google. In the past Google tried its best to compete with Facebook in social networking area, with introducing Orkut, Wave, Buzz and others but face very hard time.