Apple's music social network Ping comes to iPad

In their last “Back to Mac” Apple has launched their new music social network Ping which was available with the updated iTunes for the Mac and Pc users. And now Apple is moving a step forward with their new music social network during this weekend they have they have turned on the access of Ping vie the iPad. This is done by adding a new tab within the iTunes application which would allow the users to quickly access. The same feature is available through the desktop and iPhone/iPod touch in the iTunes application.

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The new iPad version of Ping has three tan just like in the iPhone and iPod touch version. Within these three tabs an “Active” tab shows the posts from the latest artists and friends that the users has chosen. The “People” tab shows and manages the artists that you want to follow and the third tab is “My Profile” through which the users manages its own activity and it also has a link to a “Concert” panel which shows the upcoming concerts from Ping artists in the user’s region.

This new feature that Ping has come on iPad is just after few days when Apple and Twitter joined hands to integrate Ping and Twitter which would allow the Ping users to automatically tweet their latest activity.