Use Android 2.3 Gingerbread Launcher on Android 2.2 Phones

Yesterday Google announced the latest version of their Android OS with the launch of Android 2.3 Gigerbread. Although this month does not bring as changes as Android 2.2 had brought to the OS but it is little improved. So, if your phone does not have Android 2.3 ROM, still you can have the look and feel of Android 2.3 on your device as you can have Gingerbread launcher with cool fade effect and greenish icons. how to get your ex back

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It is a stock Gingerbread launcher modified to work correctly with Android 2.2 but it is not free so you would have to search it on the Android Market , just search for Gingerbread Launcher.

For doing this you dont need to have rooted phones too , you just have to download it ,install it then choose Launcher when you hit the home screen button to see how it looks like.I dont know all the huys would feel this or not but this launcher feels faster on most of the Android 2.2 phones.