How to manually apply Android 2.2.1 for the Droid X

The Update of Android 2.2.1 was pushed to Droid X users last week but not all of them.For other who didnt got the automatic update , they can download a copy of update from the androidcentral forum , thanks to Joe92t.

This process is actually really simple as first you would download the update file from Android Central Forums and

then you have to copy the donwloaded file into your SD card.Then turn your phone off and wait for a few seconds.After that hold the power and home buttons until you see the exclamation point.Now go , and then press the search button and then choose “apply” to apply the update.And finally Reboot your phone and now your ready to use the latest update.

Well its not Gingerbread but we can expect to get it soon.This update also brings some changes and improvements which are :

  • Preloaded Madden NFL football game.
  • Preloaded Adobe Flash Player 10.1.
  • Preloaded MyVerizon application (v5).
  • Added Data Widget to home panel.
  • Improved Android OS Froyo stability
  • Fixes to Exchange Activesync
  • Fixes to Visual Voicemail