Infinity Blade available For iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad Now!

If you are a hardcore PC gamer then may be iOS games will not be that much interesting for you but for those who just get some time to pay game on their iPhone or iPod touch would love the news that Epic Games has recently released their new iOS game which is Infinity Blade.

It is a gesture-based fighting game that is based on the company’s Unreal Engine 3.The company had shown and released a free technology demo of the games at the last media ev

ent of Apple held in September and then they worked on it till now to make it a full game.

If you were expecting Infinity Blade to be some massive open-world RPG and any number of other things I've seen people on our forums suggesting, you're going to be sorely disappointed. If all you were looking for is a fighting game with a really cool input method that fits perfectly with iOS devices, you're going to be in for a treat. The RPG elements are very light, but the fighting is solid, and the graphics are the best we've seen so far on the App Store.

Infinity Blade is universal app so it is available for iPhone , iPod touch and also iPod touch on app store.You can download Infinity Blade from here.