Photo-Realistic 3D Graphic Technology is expected in iPhone 5

A UK based video chip manufacturing company “Imagination Technology” just finished an acquisition deal due to which we can expect the photo realistic 3D graphics in the upcoming version ofiPhone.

According to the officials of the company, the company has acquired the Caustic Graphics for $27 million. Caustic Graphics is the company which has the technology to render the cinema picture quality to mobile.

This deal is important in a sense that imagination technology is the partner of Apple that supply the video chips to Apple for iPhone. It is also fact that Apple has almost 9.5% stakes in the Imagination Technology.

The Public Relation Director of the company “David Harold” said while talking about what this acquisition means for the company itsel

f and for Apple:

“Well, we don’t want to tip our hand but this acquisition opens up the potential for highly photorealistic imagery to reach new real-time applications and markets, including consumer, not possible previously, via its integration with POWERVR, which is the de facto standard for mobile and embedded graphics.

We would not have acquired this [Caustic] technology if we did not believe we could get it into handsets”

As the iPhone5 must be in the final stages so there are so rare chances that we will get this advance technology in iPhone5 but most probably Apple will include this technology in the later iPhone versions. Enhancing media capabilities of Smartphone devices has been one of the prime focus areas for companies like Apple in recent years and this new technology will give Cupertino a competitive edge in its fight against competition.

It is interesting to know that Imagination Technology also provide video chips to other well known companies like Samsung. We have to wait to know that whether Samsung also introduce the 3D graphics technology in its upcoming version of Glaxy S Smartphone