iPad 2 , Mini iPad Prototype Leaked

iPad 2 rumors have been floating on the internet since the launch of iPad original. It is in rumors the Apple has a plan to roll out a mini form factor of iPad or so called mini iPad. Today we get some idea about the look of this mini iPad or iPad 2. How? First look at the Picture below!report -2/” data-mce-href=”http://www.zahipediaa.com/2010/12/22/ipad-2-mini-ipad-prototype-leaked/blogger-leaks-ipad-2-mini-prototype-report-2/”>

In the picture, you will see the well-known Taiwan pop star Jimmy Lin who hold the two devices in his hands; one is current generationiPad and second one is small sized iPad. Actually this picture is posted by the pop star with the claim that the smaller one iPad is actually iPad 2 / iPad mini .

The pop star claimed that he has the small iPad or iPad 2 prototype and he considered it  quite suitable for the hands of his 1 year old son.

In reality, Apple has no plan to make a small form factor tablet because of inefficiency with the method of input.

You remembered similar leaked information and picture  had hit the web before the launch of iPhone 4 and the same tricks are used now for iPad 2.  When you looked at the picture of iPad 2 Prototype you feel yourself convinced somewhat so it is possible that Jimmy Lin has the real mini iPad as he is not a pop star he is the founder of a successful technology company.
According to one report of Digitimes , that is posted at the start of  this month , the Foxconn Electronics’ (Hon Hai Precision Industry’s) plants in Shenzhen,   it has notified by the China that they would start shipment of Apple iPad 2 within the following 100 days.

What you think, the iPad 2 or mini iPad is in process or not? You like the image of mini iPad prototype or not?


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