Verizon iPhone is coming this year, We have got proof

Business Week previously reported that Apple is going to announce the Verizon iPhone but those of who need more proof, well we have got it here.

An online retailer selling Verizon iPhone 4cases from a third-party site called Case-Mate. Many styles and colors are available to choose from. The same website is also offering a wide selection of AT&T iPhone 4 cases, therefore this does not seem to be a misprint. Offwire though has now pulled all Verizon iPhone related products off their online shelves.

Another proof is that iPhone case maker Case-Mate already had their own website dedicated to products for the Verizon iPhone. That page now redirects to a generic iPhone 4 page. But, Google cache still has a copy of the webpage which reads:

The Wait is over: iPhone 4 for Verizon is Coming

The waiting game is finally over. After three long years and countless numbers of rumors, the iPhone 4 will soon be available on the Verizon network. The subscribers of the United States’ largest carrier can all breathe a sigh of relief. And start making plans to camp out at their local Apple store.

Not only this but Verizon also seems have bought iPhone related domains. Both “” and “” are now owned by “Verizon Trademark Services LLC,” the same company who owns “” Is this not enough to say its coming?

Verizon bought these domains from Jim Benton of This guy also owns the domains “,” “” and “” All of these webpages are paid link farms, which is basically a webpage to generate advertising profits.