What happens on Facebook in 20 minutes

Using Facebook is not a habit any more, its sort of part of our lives. But ever wonder how much stuff goes on Facebook in 20 minutes? Well its certainly big we know that but how Big?

A recently published report from analytics company Democracy UK — that describes exactly what happens in the aforementioned period of time on the site — has piqued our interest. On average:

1 million links are shared, 1.32 million photos are tagged, 1.48 million event invitations are sent out, 1.59 million wall posts are published, 1.85 million status updates are posted, 2.72 million photos are uploaded, 4.63 million messages are sent, and 10.21 million comments hit the site.

WOW! isn’t Facebook a huge jungle. And the Queen of the Jungle? Lady Gaga, she is the most liked celebrity, Justin Bieber ranked 9th BOOYAA!.