CDMA iPhone 4 to come in many other countries

Verizon announced iPhone 4 just a few days ago and those who don’t know for their information this iPhone is little bit different as its network is CDMA based.While Verizon hopes to provide better service for their iPhone users , they will not be the only network which will bring this CDMA iPhone 4 on their network as many other carrier of some countries would get CDMA iPhone it soon.

According to the report by DigiTimes CDMA iPhone 4 can come to countries like to China, Japan, South Korea and some others.The report mentioned that Apple is ready to supply CDMA iPhone in a big quantity as they 7million units will be produced in this quarter and it is expected that most of those would be in the hands of users soo

Talking about the technical details, report mentioned that Pegatron is may be the second manufacturer of the iPhone along with the old partner of Apple Foxcon.Among all the carriers in many countries China Telecom will surely get CDMA iPhone as they are the third largest carrier of China.From India Reliance Mobile will get CDMA iPhone 4 and may be TaTa too.