Next-Generation iPad’s Launch in the U.S. in April?

Things have definitely been pointing out the possibilities of iPad 2 being released soon. News is that the second-generation iPad is currently scheduled to debut in the United States on one of the first two Saturdays in April: the 2nd or the 9th.

The second generation iPad will be released in US first, for few months may be than after that it will have its international launch. The new iPad is also said to be planned to be available only through Apple for up to the first six months of availability, with other retailers such as Wal-Mart and Best Buy having to wait until October to begin stocking the device.

Is April too much of a wait now that we know its coming? May be. Another News which has been circulating is that iPad is going to have retina display, usb port and two cameras. All that can be said after that is, CAN’T WAIT!