Steve Wozniak White iPhone 4 to release soon

If you remember the launch of the iPhone 4 , Apple was initially supposed to launch white iPhone 4 soon after the black version. But things got little bit trickier for Apple regarding the issues of white iPhone 4 as it was having problem with its production and about some months ago Apple had announced that there would be no iPhone 4 launch.

And now Apple co-founder Steve Wazniak who appeared in the Endaget show last night said that White iPhone 4 was delayed due to issues with its paint leak which was affecting the camera of iPhone 4.SO , he mentioned that these issues are now almost solved by the Apple engineers and soon Apple would announce the releasing date of White iPhone 4.

There are chances that this rumor could be not true as Steve Wazniak is currently not officially involved in any work of Apple.On the other side he is well-known for his statement about the Apple and most of the time his statement prove to be true.

Another thing about the White iPhone is , its launch is delayed for about half year so if it is launched in the coming future so what would Apple do about the launch of next iPhone.

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