Apple Posts iOS 4.2.6 Firmware for CDMA iPhone

Verizon iPhone is about just a week from its public launch and Apple is now ready for that as today they have posted iOS 4.2.6 which would be especially for the Verizon iPhone.Users would be able to download this from Appleā€™s site from next week when CDMA Verizon iPhone goes public.The build version of this version is 8E200.

When Verizon had demoed iPhone 4 in their media event it had iOS 4.2.5 in it which shows that Apple has made some changes in this short span of time as this media event was held some weeks ago.

No other iOS device or iPhone has received an update and this new update would allow the iPhone 4 to run on the CDMA netork.The size of this version is about 650Mb.

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