Microsoft & Nokia announcing Windows Phone 7 Partnership?

It seems like Nokia doesn’t have much choice to increase it’s down slope sells then partner with a major 3rd party operating system once again. This time it’s Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7, and we certainly hope it raises Nokia a good fortune.

It is expected that Nokia will announce a new partnership at Capital Markets Day next Friday. This is when the company has launched new products and ideas in the past and Chris Ziegler claims this time around we’ll learn about a new partnership with the boys from Redmond. As a result Nokia’s existing platforms will be dropped as a direct result. It’s hard to pick which one that’d be: Symbian, though terribly out-of-date, is still wildly popular in Europe and emerging markets, while MeeGo is technically promising but has yet to make any impact in the market whatsoever. On the flipside, noted Microsoft pundit Mary Jo Foley doesn’t put a lot of stock in this latest round of rumors.