Samsung may decrease the price of Galaxy Tab Wifi version to $399

Well truth is truth business is all about competition and whenever Apple launch any of their gadget they just somehow offer something better than everyone else and this time when they launch iPad 2 things got hard for other tablets makers because of its amazingly less price.So , now it is rumoured that Samsung may change the price of current Galaxy Tab to $399 for the Wifi version as they will soon launch larger Galaxy Tab which they cant afford to make more expensive then iPad.

Larger Galaxy Tab was expected to come to the market this April but the current situation shows that it can have some delay.Just like iPad Galaxy Tab is also available both in 3G and Wifi version and same would be the case of 10inch Galaxy Tab.

Decreasing the price of smaller Galaxy tab may help the cause of Samsung because it would have many features which even iPad 2 has for only $399.