Tear-down of iPad2 by iFixit revealed everything usual

Normally Apple does not reveal the physical specifications of their iOS devices just after the launch of their device but every time iFixit manages to get their hands on the latest device of Apple and then they of the whole device to look inside its and reveal the specification to all of us.And same was the case with iPad 2 , as soon as Apple launched iPad 2 iFixit get their hands on it and ripped it open to show how its looks from inside.

So , after opening down the iPad2 they found out that if has Apple’s  new 1Ghz A5 prosessor as mentioned by Apple before.But actually its not 1Ghz its little less than that its is about 900Ghz as mentioned by the iFixit.And yes this processor is dual but I wonder it would help iPad users much.And apart from this it has 512MB RAM as was expected by everyone and the last thing is hardisk which was of 16GB Toshiba TH58NVG7D2FLA89 NAND Flash but we know its available in 8GB , 16GB and 32Gb version.