BlackBerry PlayBook will be available from April for $499

From two weeks Apple is having hot sales of iPad 2 and from Friday its sales would start in many other parts of the world.And with its high popularity their is a big chance of failure for the other tablets.Talking about other tablets Research and Motion has finally announced about the availability and the price of their upcoming tablet Blackberry Playbook.

So , in today’s announcement they have announced that Blackberry Playbook would be available from April and it would be available with a minimum cost of $499.The wifi version of Playbook with 16GB memory would be available of $499 , 32Gb version would be of $599 and the  of 64GB version of $699.

Tablets are becoming a bigger part of our business everyday and the launch of the BlackBerry PlayBook will heighten the level of excitement in this category,” said Scott Anderson, head of merchandising for Best Buy Mobile. “RIM has a tremendous history of producing great mobility products for our customers and we are excited to help launch the BlackBerry PlayBook.

I hope this tablet would give its users something special and I hope its sales are good as RIM always produces good stuff.Apart from this Samsung has also announced about their newer version of Galaxy Tab.

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