Intel to launch 10 core Xeon processor in the first half of 2011

One of the Intel spokes person have revealed that there upcoming 10 Core Westmere-EX” Xeon processor will be released and start shipping in the first half of this year. These new range of processor will replace the old Nehalem-EX CPU consisting  8 cores, that were released and shipped in 2010.

This new range of processor are made on 32nm processor while the older Nehalem processor were made on 45nm processor. This Xeon processor series has one additional thing to offer which was lacking in the older series was lacking, which is the advance additional security features to the table including Advanced Encryption Standard-New Instructions (AES-NI) for faster and safer encryption.

These new range of Xeon processor are made by Intel to target high end servers which use eight sockets. A total of 8 sockets means that a total of 120 threads can be utilized as each of the CPU Core consists of two threads each hence 8 processors @ 20 threads each.

Intel have a huge expectation with their new processors for server computing,  that it will be a major break through in server based computing.  Seeing their past record they are far ahead then any of their compatetors.