How to get a batter battery life in your Rooted Android phone

When we compare iPhone and Android and you would understand that Apple says that they choose what is best for your phone thats why you would find many restrictions in it and on the other hand Android lovers say they love their power in their hands with their phone.But some people may have sometimes experinced less battery time with their Android phones.

The reason could be because Andriod has many functionalites and it also has true multitasking.But with just few adjustments in your settings you can extend the life of your Android phone.Sometimes the battery stats file in your Android phone gives you wrong information that your phone is fully charge so because of the wrong message users plug of their Android phone quit early.

To solve this issue this is what you should do to your stats file.

Fully charge your device, until your LED turns green or until your home screen says “Charged”.

Reboot into recovery mode. This is different on every device (I know on my Droid, I have to hold the “x” key when powering up). Google how to do it for your device, or, if you’re running a custom ROM like CyanogenMod, you can reboot into recovery mode from the phone’s regular shutdown screen.

When you reboot into ClockworkMod, head to Advanced > Wipe Battery Stats and hit Yes.When it’s done, go back to ClockworkMod’s main menu and reboot your phone.

Hope this would solve your problem.