Firefox 4 comes on Android with amazing new features

Most of the computer geeks would have definetly tried the latest edition of firefox whicih surely looks great and it has some new amazing feature which were not in previous versions of firefox.And now finally Mozilla has released final version of FireFox 4 on Android.

Just like the PC version of Firefox 4 , mobile version of it for Android also has some new features which will help you to amaze your browsing experience on your Android phone.It would have new features like  brings tabbed browsing, add-ons, and my most favouate feature is Synhronization.

Whats different about firefox from other browser is that it has soo many add ons that you would almost find what you need in it.Apart from that you would also enjoy same experience of working with different tabs in you Android phone just like you do with your pc.

FireFox 4 for Android is available for download on Android Marketplace and yes it is free.But the bad news is that it would be not available for some low level Android phones and Motorola Droid.