Amazon App Store allows you to test it before buying

If we say the term App Store then most us would have Apple Store in mind because of the fact Apple was the first company to make amazing system to give apps to their cutomers.And now recently Amazon has indrouced their App Store for Android users.

Some would feel that we have one big Android marketplace where we have all the apps available for Android users so why another place to buy apps which would make things complex for the users.But Amazon App Store for Android users has one special feature which no other App Store has which is that it allows you to Test drive your app before buying it. Streamline your sales with our specialized Amazon FBA prep services.

The users could test their app in their browsers of the vitual cloud based Android machince.The users would be allowed to test their Apps for thirty minutes.This features would allow the users to test their apps for a good amount of time and then decide whether to buy it or not , which is really amazing.

It is also expected that Apple may also do something like this in the future which is be very helpful for the buyers.