Next Generation of iPon Nano may have rear Camera

iPod Nano is one of the favourite device among does who are music lover and want to listen to their music all the time.And And when Apple had launched the latest generation of iPod Nano most of the people were impressed with its new design but must people were also disappointed that it does had any rear camera like previous version of iPod Nano had.

But things could change with the next generation of iPod Nano as a report from a Taiwanese site hints that the seventh generation of iPod Nano will have rear camera even if the design would be like of the current iPod.So , if this rumour this then than till the end of this Apple will launch their line-up of iPod which would have this new iPod nao with rear camera.

Apart from this that report has also mentioned that whenever iPhone 5 is launched it would be launched in both black and white colours.