HTC Flyer tablet will have Android Honeycomb

After the big success of Apple iPad many another big technology companies also decided to make tablets of their own and one of them was HTC.HTC has announced a few details about their tablet but we do not know much about its OS that which Android verison it would have.

Recently HTC made a big annoucement that HTC Flyer fill get Honetcomb as mentioned in their recent tweets.This news is in contrudiction to their previous big announcement which was made at Mobile World Congress quite a lot time ago where they had announced they would not use Honeycomb because it would be not customized with their Sense UI.

But the thing is this statement is not official , they just answeres a query on twitter in which they menioned “will be offering a Honeycomb upgrade when it’s made available.” .But the positive thing is that most of the Android tablet which would launch near the time of HTc Flyer’s launch , they all would have Honeycomb so this indicates it would have Honeycomb.




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