HTC Pyramid will launch on April 12 with the name HTC Sensation

Few days ago we showed you leaked images of HTC Pyramids which looked awesome with both aspects of looks and its specifications.And today a popular technology site Pocket-lonkhas confirmed that on April 12th HTC will launch their latest Android phone and for that they have invited most of the technology blogger in Europe and Pocket-link is one of them.

The phone will be the same that we had shown in the leaked images but HTC would name it HTC Sensation rather then HTC Pyramid.After its launch on 12 of this month it would be available in UK in coming months and soon after that in US too.

Although this phone has been shown many times in the leaked images but still the true picture of the phone is seen when it revealed publicly where the company tell about its specifications and also reveals its special features and services. Currently the rumours suggests that this device will have a 4.3 inch screen with a dual processor and will have latest Android Gingerbread.