Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 sp1 coming next week

One of the amazing things that I like about the PC experience comparing to the Mac users is that we always get software and different kind of appication before the Mac user.As Microsofr had launched Microsoft Office 2010 for PC user in the early part of last year then later Microsoft Offic 2011 arrived for Mac users..And now the new comes that Microsoft is now finally ready to launch SP1 of Office for Mac 2011 may be next week.

Service Pack one would bring some new fearures and it will have some fixes for the problem that were in the initaly version of Office 2011.The most prominent feaure in this version would be in Oulook which will give the users support to sync their calender to their iOS devices via Synce Serices.The Loops has mentioned in their report :

The update will enable calendar syncing between Outlook for Mac and Apple’s Sync Services. This means you can now sync your Outlook calendars, as well as your contacts, notes and tasks with any service or device that supports Sync Services.

That includes your iPhone and iPad. Microsoft’s Senior Director of Product Management, Pat Fox, told The Loop that this was one of the most requested features from Office for Mac 2011 users

Other new features for Outlook would be support for server-side rules in Exchange, redirect and resend buttons for mail, and editing of existing messages.Apart from this Excel will also have some new integration of Solver functionalites.

But the bad new for the Mac Office users is that Apple will now discontue the support of Mobile me syncing via Sync Services from may 5th.


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