Samsung Galaxy S2 to come in UK on 1st of May

Samsung Galaxy S 2 is now all over the news as its launch comes near to us , couple of days ago it was announced that it would have 1.2GHz dual processor instead of 1GHz.And now it is announced that soon people in UK can have their hands on it soon as it would be launched in UK on May 1st.Just like first Samsung Galaxy S phone , Galaxt S 2 will also be one of the high end Android phone available in the market.

In UK Samsung Galaxy S 2 will be available across all the major networks which will give great comfort to its users as they can get this phone without changing their network.Apart from its 1.2GHz dual processor it will have Android 2.3 in it and also it has Super AMOLED screen  which you can only get with the high end Samsung phones.