Intel launches new Atom Z760 processor for tablets

Few months ago Intel had launched their latest sandy bridge processor and now this Monday Intel announced their latest atom processor , codenamed as  “Oak Trail”.Those who know about Atom Atom processor , would know that this processor was used for low end PCs and netbooks.

The new Atom Z760 processor will be much more faster then of the current Atom processor as it would much more better media playing functionalities like it could play full HD videos.This new Atom would not only be used for PCs but it would also be used some Android and MeeGo tablets.

This processor will have a clock speed 1.GHz and it is also shipped to most of the manufactures so that they can check that how it works on their device.Although I am not a big fan of Atom processor because whenever I have used it I feel it is not used enough but this may change the things for Atom.