Samsung Galaxy S 2 to come in UK on 27th April through Phones 4u

One of the interesting things about Android Phones is that no phone remains on the top for a long time as almost every month some company launches their latest Android phone which has something better than previous phones. Samsung Galaxy S was one of those Android phones which remained on the top for a good time. And now the launch of Galaxy S 2 is almost near and it would first come in UK.

Even in UK Samsung Galaxy S would first come for phone retailers Phone 4u and it would launch on 27th of April. Initially Galaxy S 2 will be only available from Phone 4u but after some time it will also arrive on other retailer stores too like Queen Kingdom would launch it on 1st May.

Galaxy S two has much more improved stuff in it then was in original Galaxy S phone.It will have a 1.2Ghz dual core processor and a 8GB free MicroSD in it.Galaxy S 2 is available from Phone 4u with a two year contract and the buyer will be able to choose its career and it will cost the buyer £35  per month. Currently they are just showing only Orange network options but the other will also be shown in the list too.