Microsoft and Nokia’s agreenment confirmed about Nokia’s Windows phone devices

The rumors about the partnership between Microsoft and Nokia was on the web from past few months but now it is official and Nokia will make Windows Phone devices for Microsoft. Today both the CEO’s of both the companies has signed an agreement that Nokia will make Windows Phone devices.

Between the announcement Microsoft also mentioned that they have already started working on making a portfolio for Nokia’s Windows Phone devices. They mentioned that this agreement took months in the making in which both the companies discussed about different factors related to the new upcoming devices.

It is expected that Nokia’s Windows Phone 7 devices would come in 2012 but if things go really fast it could also launch in the later part of 2011.It is now also confirmed that Microsoft is actually paying billions of dollars as a part of the agreement so that Nokia should start working on the devices.

So, I am not really a big fan of Nokia but with Windows Phone in these devices that may change the perception of many people about Nokia.