Apple giving Gaming Developers with A5-Based iPhone 4s

Recent rumors about the launch of next iPhones give hints that next iPhone would be launched in September or may be little bit later. And recently it has been reported that Apple is giving iPhone prototypes to high level iOS gaming developers and these iPhone models has A5 system-on-chip in it so that these developers can check out the gaming performance in the iPhone with the A5 chip.

According to the news the device which has been given to the developers looks exactly like iPhone 4 but we can suppose it’s hardware would be little bit upgraded to support better games like iPad 2.Some are also calling this prototype as iPhone 4S just like Apple had named iPhone 3G and then iPhone 3GS because these devices looked really similar and had a very different difference in its specifications.

It is not necessary that the prototype provided to the developers should be the next iPhone. May be Apple has given this prototype to developers to check performance iPhone with A5 chip and it its works good then it may come in next iPhone.