Galaxy Tab 10.1v available in Portugal from tomorrow

Any tablet that got famous apart from iPad in 2010 was Samsung Galaxy S because it had some features which were not in first iPad.Now Samsung is ready to launch their bigger Galaxy tab which would be of about 10.1 inches nearly matching to the size of iPad. The according to the latest news it would be available in Portugal from tomorrow.

Previous it was also reported that some people in Australia were able to pre-order their Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 but the question is even if they have ordered it when they would get it.But people in Portugal will be even much more lucky than some Aussies and Portuguese people will be able to get their hands on Galaxy 10.1 sometime tomorrow.

The latest Galaxy Tab will be lot much powerful, it will have a bigger screen and also it would be slimmer. Samsung has tried to match the Apple’s iPad 2 but the time will tell which tablet is better. Apparently Galaxy Tab 10.1 is shown on Vodafone Portugal’s website of €589.9 which is about $860 and its availability is shown from 26th of this month which is tomorrow.