Sony announced their Android tablet S1 and S2 launching this fall

Almost all the technology giants have launched their tablet or they have announced that their tablet would launch soon and today Sony also joined that list. Today Sony announced that they would launch their two Android tablets which would reach the market till coming fall. These tablets are named as S1 and S2 and both of these tablets would have Honeycomb in it.

The first tablet S1 will have a 9.4inch screen which has a curved wrapped design and it has a Tegra 2 SoC with a quick and smooth touch panel UI.S1 will have both front and rear camera in it.While the other tablet S2 looks interesting as it would be a dual-screen tablet of 5.5inch screens. It supports resolution of 1,024 x 480 pixel just like S1 it would also have Tegra SoC and camera.

Sony would also focus on the gaming features of the tablet as they would integrate these tablets with PlayStation. Overall the device sounds good but we would have to wait for some time to see the device.