White iPhone 4 and iPad 2 both launching in Japan on April 28

Couple of months ago Japan was hit by disastrous earthquake and tsunami which created a real damage in the country and currently they are in recovery period. Because of this Apple has not to launch their products their at that time, and now they situation is little bit better their Apple will launch both iPad 2 and White iPhone 4 together in Japan on 28th April.

So , to be precise Apple is launching iPad 2 after a delay of one month and with that they also decided to launch White iPhone 4 which will also be launched in other region this week.Although Apple has still not announced this news officially but this news is provided by CNNGo

That veritable font of all knowledge, the “Nikkei Shimbun” newspaper, says the shiny lust-bauble will hit Japanese stores in stealth mode, more than a month after the scheduled March 25 launch-date.

With the launch of two products at the same time , Apple can hope of a busy week in Japan.