Microsoft to unviel next release of Window Phone on 24th May

About half year ago Microsoft had launched their latest mobile OS Windows Phone 7.But its initial release had many lacking and there is a lot of room of improvement from the current version of Windows Phone 7.And now looks like Microsoft will launch the next major update of Windows Phone 7 till the end of this month.

Recently Microsoft has asked many big blogs to join them in the event which would be held in New York on 24th of this month and in this event company will update them about the next major release of Window Phone.
According to our current knowledge we expect that next Windows Phone version will have Internet Explorer 9, integrated twitter and improved multitasking. Apart from his many new apps are also expected to come with next version of Windows Phone like Angry Birds and Skype. All of this and many new different new stuff would be revealed on 24th of this month so we have to wait till that to have full information.