Next iPod Nano would be clipless with 1.3-mega-pixel rear camera

About a month ago a site had shown some leaked image which they claimed it to be iPod Nano with rear camera by which many people guess next iPod Nano may have rear camera. And now again the same site has shown an image which clearly shows this iPad Nano has whole for rear camera but it does not have camera in it but this shown next generation iPod Nano can have rear camera.

Other new thing about this iPod Nano is that it has to clip in it as in the current iPod Nano Apple has provided a clip.The other little change which can be noticed in the image is that the Apple logo is much more prominent in it then is in current iPod Nano.The main reason to remove the clip could be because of the fact clip was covering the whole back of the device so it could have become a hurdle to take image.

Also the report claimed that the camera would be of 1.3 mega pixels. If this is an actual prototype by Apple then this could be a little bonus for the music lovers who would buy iPod in future.