Samsung reveals their Chrome laptop

Rumors about the Chrome OS Laptop were in the air from past few months but now Google has officially about the Chrome OS notebooks.And in the Chrome laptop Samsung would be the first one to give Chrome laptops to the users.

The Chrome OS laptop by Samsung will be of a super slim laptop as its thinness is 0.79 inch. This laptop will be called Samsung Series 5 ChromeBook.These laptop will have dual core Atom processor and its battery could last about for a day with normal use and according to Google it would last for about 9 hours it used continuously.

This laptop has a screen of 12.1 inch which would support the resolution of 1280 x 800 and its weight is 3.26 pounds. It would have support of Wi-fi ,3G network and a HD webcam for video chat.

It looks like the aim of Chrome laptop would be to eliminate netbook and compete against tablet. Its price is $429 which for me see little bit more considering its features.