Nokia will be fast and frequent in providing WP devices

Now that the news is confirmed that the largest cell phone makers in the world will make Windows Phone devices so everybody is waiting to see their first device which is expected early next year. But there are chances that Nokia may launch Windows Phone devices earlier than expected may be sometime this year.

Jo Harlow Nokia’s executive vice president of smartphones while in an interview with PCMag mentioned that not Nokia will roll out the Windows Phone device quit quickly and there are chances they would be able to launch device sometime this year.

He further mentioned that they would launch the WP devices in a rhythm in which they would launch new devices after every two or three months. He also said they would make Windows Phone devices their priority while the other companies like Samsung and HTC have made Windows Phone devices a secondary thing.And it is expected that Nokia will launch as many as 12 Windows Phone devices which will give the users a vast choice of hardware.