Next Nexus Phone seen in the wild

If you know about the Android phone then you would know that Nexus Phones are the benchmark for the next generations of the Android phone and recently has shared a picture of possibly the next generation of Nexus device. And according to them this phone will have Android Ice Cream Sandwich in it which is supposed to be the next generation Android OS for smartphones.

The thing which confirms that this device will have Ice Cream Sandwich is the number of buttons on this device which are none just like the HoneyComb tablets. This phone may have disappearing capacitive buttons which you would be able to see whenever you’re using the phone.

This may be only a test device we can’t be sure that this would be the device which will come to the users. While talking about the manufacturers of the device this time HTC and LG are in contention for making Nexus 3.I think we would hear more about Nexus 3 till the end of this year.


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  1. Google nexus now being talked about after the alleged leak about its features is now being discussed about the absence of physical buttons. Also, the prototype seeming to be a crossover of the smartphone and tablet, Google’s nexus being a first device to run the much awaited ICS is creating ripples in the mobile industry. The claim of HTC being the prospective manufacturer also seems likely as the leaked photo of the devices bears a strong resemblance to the Desire HD.

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